Hand and a Half Sword with the coat of arms of the Holstein family of Reventlow

  • Dated: 1563
  • Culture: probably North German
  • Measurements: overall lenght 124.5 cm; handle lenght 22 cm; weight: approximately 1.6kg

The dated on the blade is referring to the The Northern Seven Years’ War between the Kingdom of Sweden and a coalition of Denmark–Norway, Lübeck and the Polish–Lithuanian union. The sword was part of a collection of weapons which was sold in Denmark, Gaunö, 1930.

The handle is composed of a wood grip with leather wrap and bell shaped pommel to act as a counter weight. The guard is simple set of straight quillons (22 cm wide) which has also a clam shell guard.

The blade is double edged with part of the reverse side holding an edge. The blade has a single fuller on either side and is inscribed with "NEC TEMERENEC TIMIDE AD 1563" and "INTER ARMA SILENT LEGE". Close to the guard you can also find several marking on either side of the blade and also the coat of arms on one side.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Antiques Armoury

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"Demacian." Darius’s tone was surprisingly neutral as he regarded the Duelist. 

"Very good Darius! Who taught you that~?" She asked with forced glee.

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"And how are you?"

((Introducing new relations and rules page. Starring. Me.))

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((So. I feel like making a post about Fiora’s accent and where she stands nationality wise. Obviously she IS Demacian. She cannot speak French. The only French she speaks happens to be in her En garde line. Which isn’t necessarily speaking French. It is a term used in fencing, mostly anything in fencing can be applied to duels. Besides that, her accent isn’t even that thick.. The only thing she carries over from the French language into her voicelines is just the use z instead of th sounds and even then it is inconsistent.))

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//Beware the cutting edge of both tongue and blade.

((And deadly style!))

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If my muse had a warning label, what would theirs say?

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"Jealous about what, Fiora?"


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"Why would I ever be jealous?"

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