"And everything about you reminds me of a wasp. Unpleasant, unlikable. You only know how to sting. You are short lived and exist to be swatted and your hive exist to be exterminated. At least a farmer brings forth something worthwhile through their work and his hoe is far stronger than what the insect can possibly ever hope to muster." He huffed.

"Do you have anything else to add before I go on about how pathetic it is you cling to the hope of repairing your family’s broken reputation?"

She cocked her head. “Goodness Darius! How merciless can you be~? Did I happen to strike a nerve? Perhaps one in those fat arms you have. Anywho, I digress. If you wish to speak ill of my father and his poor choices, do it. I doubt you can even wrap your brutish head around proper politics anyway! So speak.”

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"Earl Grey, lightly twisted with orange blossom and lemon. For best flavour, add no milk. Goes very well with strawberry cake."

"I think you win this contest! That sounds delicious! And you even suggest a sweet to go with it. Now tell me, what is the best Ionian tea?"

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"Everything about you reminds me of a farm. How piggish you look and how you swing your weapon with the same skill a farmer swings his hoe."

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"It was kind of a joke, but I guess if I’m an animal, I’ve got to have humor like one, correct?"

"I’ve never really cared for tea, they don’t have anything except hard liquor in Noxus."

"If you wish to enforce the notion that you are one, I will oblige you, filthy vermin. 

A perfect example of Noxian barbarity. No tea. Next you will tell me, no wine.”

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"What is the perfect cup of tea?"

"A glass of whiskey."

"Zat is not tea."

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"What is the perfect cup of tea?"

"Your blood."

"I never knew you to be so vile. But Noxians are animals."

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"What is the perfect cup of tea?"

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"Behold! It is I!"

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"I expect you to just pay the original price for the two bottles we agreed upon. The rest, you can consider a gift." He gave a smile. "I would hope you would have room for it. Cause my only suggestion would then be to drink it now if ya didn’t."

"Good! I was not about to be swindled!" She pouted, folding her arms. A playful display, really. "We could do that anyway. Either way, make sure you are prepared to carry it! For I am a Lady."

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Vampire //because vampire Fiora hawt :p. I love sending such promts! looking forward to interact if we get the chance!



"Normally I’d like to say yes. But if books have taught me anything, it is that such a choice usually comes with a catch. So what would the bargain be?"

"…Perhaps some sort of sacrifice of a dear family member, that is the usual nonsense books tend to give."

"Then certainly not. I would be no better than my father."

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